November 22, 2008

Look What I Did!!!

Have you ever had one of those days where you did something and it left you feeling proud? Well that was me! I feel so innovative and I am quite sure that I am not the first to think of this, but I feel like I am. On one of my many "clean-up my stamp area" moments, I realized that the Spellbinders Nestabilities did not have a home and needed one. While pondering what to do with them, one of them fell and landed on a card with a magnet in it. I noticed the magnetic force when I tried to remove the die to return it to its little holding bin. Then lo and behold, a lightbulb went on! Ding! That is when I realized that I could attach a magnetic sheet to my inner cabinet door and free up the little bin for another item. The hunt was on. I went to my local Office Depot and Staples to see if they carried such an item. The salespeople looked at me strange, as if I was asking for a strange object unheard of to the human race. Anyway, fast forward to today (Saturday). My package arrived and I quickly went to work on making a new home for the Nestabilities. The magnetic sheet was purchased from and adhered to the cabinet with velcro. Yes, its a little crooked but it is okay, because it won't be seen often. I had to cut the sheet because I ordered two feet, which was a little too much. Anyway, I succeeded in cutting the sheet without incident.

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Janet Bagnall said...

Charlotte - what a great idea - I have just started using nestabilities and was wondering how to store them because after using them, I know I will be purchasing many more. Thank you so much for sharing your idea with us. Janet