September 24, 2009

Life and MDS

It seems like forever since my last entry. This week has been filled with so much emotion and joy. My husband and I moved our one and only daughter into her on-campus apartment this past Sunday. The move was uneventful and I did not break down like I pictured myself doing. On the other hand, it was my husband that did the crying -- big baby! At least he waited until we returned home and then he stayed in the garage before coming into the house. Bri is all settled and started classes today. When I talked with her today, she sounded homesick. She wanted to know if I was coming to visit tonight. Are you kidding me? 1.5 hours drive to not counting traffic then 1 hour or so on the return. I don't think so, maybe on Saturday.

Anyway, in the stamping arena, I had some time this evening to play with SUs My Digital Studio (MDS). I am in love. I've never scrapbooked until tonight. This program was so easy to use that I made the following page in under 10 minutes. (Note: please don't talk about the pictures. These were taken in a somewhat distorted manner, but it was the first group of pictures I worked with.) I see lots of possibility with this program. Now for the masterpiece. I hope you like it. Sorry for the lack of details. I am trying to go to bed.

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missy said...

This is too funny but I thought you were going to say MDS was "missing daughter syndrome"! I do love your layout though! TFS!